About Us

Our Story

My name is Corey, and my beloved Vizsla, Sophie, were the impetus for our excursion that commenced in late 2018 when she was but six months of age. We uprooted our lives, relinquished our belongings, purchased a one-way ticket to Medellin, Colombia from Miami, and have been on the move ever since. We've traversed six countries in Latin America and continue to amass stories that we'll hold dear beyond our existence. It's said that there is much to learn from canines, and we're living each day as if it's our last, without an iota of regret, and brimming with gratitude.

After many years of wandering Latin America, accumulating countless images and films, distributing our exploits through social media, and receiving an enthusiastic audience, we finally made the decision to share our journey with the world. In July 2022, we began creating Sophie's Travel Guides, Sophie's Adventures, and The Wanderlusting Dog products. As the adage states, "do what you adore, and you'll never work a day in your life."

Sophie's Travel Guides

Sophie's Travel Guides aim to supply a series of perpetual guides that will facilitate dog owners desiring to travel internationally with their furry companion, yet unsure of where to begin. Based on our personal experiences, we'll provide practical advice on the preliminary procedures, potential hindrances, and the most pet-friendly spots for your best buddy to revel in.

Sophie's Adventures

Sophie lives for adventure, and I exist to provide her with the best life possible. Part of my responsibility is starting each day sipping coffee while preparing our breakfast, packing our photographic equipment, and venturing forth to the streets, beaches, cities, or jungles with my little partner. My maxim is straightforward - if Sophie can't come, then neither will I. Our destination is inconsequential since Sophie is eager for any adventure. We'll post photographs and video snippets across all our social media pages to encourage you to follow our escapades and motivate you to book your own.

The Wanderlusting Dog Mechandise

As a seasoned Creative Director and Product Designer with over twelve years of experience in the pet industry, I've begun the exhilarating journey of creating a unique array of designs for our very own Wanderlusting Dog brand. Our collection will include pet accessories, t-shirts, coffee cups, wall art, travel gear for you and your Wanderlusting Vizsla, and much more. We've also begun discussions with two major pet product companies that we believe epitomize our adventurous lifestyle with the aspiration of being their Brand Ambassador.

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